• achievement


    The company always took the market development as their core marketing idea since its established and synchronically carried out the market development and construction of marketing networks, took the domestic market and international market as the same important position and made a obvious progress on business expanding and market development and the market share also increased stably.
    The company established the market strategy of “based in Xinjiang, face to whole China and develop international market” and firmly grasped the opportunity of “The great development of west region”, focused on national and local important construction project and won some projects on water conservancy construction, urban and rural sewerage and water supply, petroleum, chemical industry, mine, urban infrastructure construction etc.
    The company also turned its view to wider domestic market while the company based in Xinjiang and grasped the opportunity of south to north sater diversion project, infrastructure construction of Beijing Olympic Games, urban pipe networks rebuilding in coastal cities to distinguish itself on Beijing Olympic Games, Phase III Shanghai Yangzi River Water Diversion Project, Guangzhou Pearl River Sewerage Damming GRP jacking pipe project and Shanxi Lvliang Water Diversion Project.
    The company strengthened international market development under the base of stabilizing the domestic market and organized the backbones to go Central Asian countries to introduce products and investigate the market, invited the overseas businessmen to visit the company and showed the scale and strength of Zhenshi Yongchang Composites Co., Ltd.  The company got good appraisals from the customers of Kazakhstan Astana water supply project, Azerbaijan Baku water supply project that pipe was supplied by Zhenshi Yongchang Composites Co., Ltd. and made a good achievements in Central Asian region.
    At present, the international market showed that” the domestic market internationalized and the international market domesticated” and the conformity of global market and the drastic competition all showed that it is necessary to plan and adjust the company’s marketing strategies and the internationalization is the company’s only route which must be passed in the future.
    In order to adapt the requirement of market, we timely adjust the marketing strategy and promote the brand registration overseas, to know and grip the international quality standard and make the company’s products quality meeting the requirement of international standards. Speed up the strategy of “ go out” and try to be one of the largest scale GRP pipe supplier on the international market.  
    In the drastic competition, we adapted the situation requirement and market changing to innovate and try the new strategies and methods of developing market, took the development idea of “cooperation and win together” to use the advantages on brand, technologies, marketing networks cooperating with big group, company to achieve the “win together”.  
    In 2006, the company obtained the title of “China Top Brand”, which greatly strengthen our brand advantage and we utilized the advantage to spread the force of brand of Yongchang “Golden Wave” to domestic and international market and continuously enlarged the market scale. We tried to make the GRP products with Yongchang (Golden Wave) brand to be the “ World Top brand”.