• equipment
  • The company has always insisted on increasing its productions equipment level as the base of development since the company established and enlarged the input for equipment technologies and science and technology year by year and the company has continuously introduced dozens  of pipe’s production lines and test equipment with advanced international level in order to increase the equipment’s scientific content and automatic level, and became the only one which has all the three production process with filament winding production line, centrifugal casting production line and continuous filament winding production line in GRP pipe industry. The products was completely controlled by computer from design to molding.
    The main production equipment are all controlled by new type computers. The precision and the automatic level all reached international standard with characteristics of high precision, fast production speed and stable quality. The production efficiency and the quality was greatly improved because all the process was controlled by computer and avoided the human factors to the quality of the products. The equipment of the company can produce all various kinds of GRP pipes that diameters are from φ50mm to 4000mm, which were widely used in different industries.
    The production capacity of the company has reached 80000 tons of various kinds of GRP pipes, storage tanks and other products therefore it lays a good foundation for the company’s developments and market competitions and make the company to be the largest specialized GRP pipes manufacturer in China and company believes that the first class of equipment can make first rate of products which can serve for the first class of project.