• technology
  • The company has strong technology strength and cooperated with domestic famous scientific research institutes, universities and together developed new technologies and products of composites materials, also retained some domestic and foreign experts, professors as technology consultant to effectively guarantee the company’s technologies leading and continuous improving of products quality.

    The company has more than 10 years experience of GRP pipe production and technology research and development, owned abundant technologies on GRP pipe industry and approached the leading level in GRP industry of China. At present, the company not only has the ability and example of design and producing the pipe diameter exceeds 3000mm, but also has the experience of producing the high pressure pipe that diameter more than 2000mm, pressure more than 2.5MPa. The company owned core patent technology of producing GRP mortar jacking pipe and accumulated abundant experiences on production and installation. On the aspect of production technology of GRP screen pipe and GRP casing pipe, the company is the only one that can carry out the batch production and owned patent technology. The company has became the one of the best and largest GRP manufacturer in the world.  

    In recent years, with developing of the company and the improving of technology, the company has obtained some patents on the development of new technologies and new equipment, which was extended and used in actual production. In addition, the company, as one of important compiling unit also participate compiling some China National Standards, such as  “Structure Design Specification of Underground Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Mortar Pipe for Water Supply and Drainage Project (CECS190: 2005)”, “GB/T21383-2007 Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Mortar pipe”, “GB/T21492-2008 Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Jacking pipe”, “ Jacking Pipe Technical Specification for Water Supply and Drainage (CECS246: 2008)”. 

    The technology center of the company is a provincial technology researching and developing center that awarded by Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It has a strong researching and developing strength, advanced test equipment and skilled professional technicians and the numbers of doctors, masters and bachelors is more than 60% of whole employees and more than half of the professional technicians have high or middle level technical title. At present, the company not only can rebuild and improve the quality of common production equipment and products, but also has the ability of scientific research and development, absorption of new technology and innovation.