• The Halatongke Water supply project
      The Halatongke Water Supply Project in Fuyun county Industrial Zone was constructed and managed by Zhenshi Yongchang Composites Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “ Zhenshi Yongchang), which located in Fuyun county, Altai region, Xinjiang. The project led the water from No.2 tunnel of Dam Hadebute to Halatongke industrial zone of Fuyun county for the purpose of domestic and industrial water in this industrial zone. The total length of the pipeline is 20 Km and the annual water supply capacity is 63.35 million m3, the daily water supply capacity can approach 200 thousand m3. The total project cost was about 250 million RMB.
      The project content includes: supply of 20 Km of water conveying pipes and gate valves along the pipeline, installation and pressure test; The first water pool of the pipeline; civil construction of the pipeline; chambers of the gate valves; drainage culvert pipes; structures for flood discharge; buildings for across road; simple road; water pool in the pipeline’s end; running management or water supply project.
    Project Characteristics::
    There is a big difficulties on the construction of Halatongke water supply project and the difficulties are as follow:
     Short construction period, it is very cold in Altai region and the construction cannot be carried out from November to March of next year so the actual construction period is only 7 months.
     The diameter of the pipe is DN1400mm, pressure is 2.0MPa and 2.5MPa, the pipeline is a kind of high pressure and big diameter pipeline, which also has a high requirement on pipe’s quality and installation.
     There was a big difficulties on the construction, the project located in the hilly land and there are also some bog areas, high voltage lines, roads and farmland with high water level and some deep and big trench required in local areas.
      It took us only 10 months to finish the project through the excellent organizations and overcoming the various kinds of difficulties and got a good reputation from project owner.
    The implementation of the project:

      Zhenshi Yongchang Started the construction for this project in August 2012 and the pipeline started to supply water in October, 2013. Zhenshi Yongchang was responsible for running and management of Halatongke water supply project from October, 2013 to October, 2014 and so far, the pipeline worked normally and well since it has been turned over to Ergis River Construction and Investment Co., Ltd.

    pictures of construction site